October 3, 2017 — On Monday, October 2, 2017, Tia Velarde was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to Distribution of Methamphetamine, a class three drug felony, in case 17CR213. She received 124 days pre-sentence confinement credit.

Ms. Velarde also received concurrent prison sentences after previously pleading guilty to Attempted Introduction of Contraband [F5] and Driving While Ability Impaired in case 17CR91 (Montrose), Possession of a Controlled Substance [DF4] in case 16CR282 (Montrose), and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon [F5] in case 16CR150 (Delta).

The Distribution charge arises out of drug sales activities in the 700 block of North Second Street in the City of Montrose, Colorado. The actions by Ms. Velarde and others have caused significant disruption to the local neighborhood. The citizens of this area provided substantial assistance during the prosecution of this case by appearing in court and being willing to participate in the process. The positive result in this case is a direct result of the work of the community, law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office.

The Montrose Police Department continues to devote extensive enforcement resources in the City and in the North Second neighborhood to address the negative and destructive consequences of methamphetamine. This case demonstrates the vital need for community engagement in these efforts.
The District Attorney, the Drug Task Force and the Montrose Police Department will continue working to hold drug dealers accountable and remove them from the community when their actions warrant such punishment.

People v. Tia Velarde (Montrose District Court)
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