Restitution is the repayment by the offender of monetary losses suffered by a victim. Restitution cannot be ordered until the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty at trial and a sentence is imposed by the court. Restitution is ordered by a court in addition to other conditions of sentence, such as probation, jail or prison.

The District Attorney is responsible for providing the court with information showing the amount of restitution owed to the victim or victims. This may be done through victim impact statements, other documents, or testimony at a hearing or trial.

A victim impact statement is mailed to all victims of crime where injuries to a person or damage to property is charged. If you have received a victim impact statement, it is important to notify the District Attorney if you have losses or not.

To request restitution and to let us know how this crime has impacted you, please complete and return this Victim Impact Statement.  If you prefer to submit only a request for restitution, you may submit a Restitution Statement instead.

The defendant has an opportunity to question the restitution requested and may ask the court for a restitution hearing. If the court orders that a hearing be held, you may be subpoenaed to testify. When the final restitution figure is determined by the court, the defendant will be ordered to pay restitution.

Restitution is paid by the defendant into the Registry of the Court. The court then distributes the money to each of the crime victims identified in the court’s restitution order. Restitution payments will be mailed to you as the defendant pays the court. Payments are usually made over a period of time, and often in small amounts. It may take a long time for you to receive full payment, so it is important to keep the Court Registry informed of your current mailing address.

If you are a victim named in a restitution order and you have questions about restitution payments, contact the Court Registry in the county where the defendant was convicted.

More information about restitution is available from the state court system at the following website:

Proving Recoverable Losses