On October 1, 2019, The Honorable Keri A. Yoder imposed one life sentence without parole upon Nashika Bramble for each of two counts of Murder in the 1st Degree. These two life sentences are to run consecutively.

Nashika Bramble was convicted by a jury of twelve on July 17, 2019, of two counts of Murder in the 1st Degree for the deaths of her two daughters, namely: Hannah Marshall and Makayla Roberts.

This Office extends their condolences to the family members of these two young children. We also extend our appreciation to the jurors and alternate jurors for their service during this trial, as well as to the staff of the Montrose and San Miguel Combined Courts in Colorado. These verdicts and resulting sentences are due to the hard work, diligence and dedication of the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the prosecution team consisting of members of this District Attorney’s Office and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

Sentence Imposed On Nashika Bramble
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