December 6, 2016 — Defendant Melvin Randall was sentenced today to serve eight (8) years in the Department of Corrections (DOC) for assaulting his former partner and the mother of two of his children. Randall pleaded guilty to Second Degree Assault, a class 4 felony. A felony stalking charge was dismissed as part of the plea agreement. Mr. Randall faced a prison sentence of from five (5) to sixteen (16) years, although the court could have also imposed probation or other community-based sentence.

This case arises out of a lengthy and violent relationship between the victim and the Defendant. The victim and her two sons relocated from the State of Virginia to Delta, Colorado, in an attempt to escape repeated, controlling and abusive domestic violence. Defendant found the family in Delta and moved into a home directly across the street from the victim. In September 2014, the victim was assaulted and beaten to the extent that she sustained serious bodily injury and almost died from as her body tried to cope with horrible and extensive damage and bruising.

The Defendant was arrested on October 20, 2014. He posted bond thirty-five (35) days later and has been out of custody pending resolution of this case. Today, immediately after sentencing, the Defendant was remanded into the custody of the Delta County Sheriff and will be transported to the Denver Regional Diagnostic Center of the Department of Corrections.

Because of the serious nature of this case, the District Attorney requested assistance from the District Attorney’s Office of the Twentieth Judicial District, State of Colorado. Deputy District Attorney Karen Lorenz, a seasoned trial prosecutor with experience in domestic violence cases, was designated as a Special Deputy for the Seventh Judicial District and has been vital to the successful prosecution of this case. Deputy Lorenz has led the way with outstanding dedication to this case and exemplary performance. The District Attorney is profoundly grateful for her service to the citizens of Delta County and the Seventh Judicial District, and to Stan Garnett, the District Attorney in the Twentieth Judicial District, for his willingness to provide such quality assistance at no expense to the Seventh Judicial District.

People v. Melvin Randall, Delta County District Court, Case No. 2014 CR 111
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