May 7, 2019 — The Montrose man who pointed a pellet gun at a woman and a teenage girl during a robbery was ordered to an eight-year prison term Monday.

Boyd Gleason held up the Stinker’s Gas Station last Sept. 11, during the crime forcing a clerk and a 16-year-old customer to give him money.

He came up to the store wearing a mask and pointed the gun at the clerk, who was outside on a break. Gleason forced the woman inside and told her to give him all the money in the register; he also stole a carton of cigarettes.

He then confronted a teenager entering the store, forcing her at gunpoint to hand over the $20 in her hand.

Gleason fled the store, but several people called 911 and he was detained a short distance away.

Police said they found him with a carrier bag containing the cigarettes and pellet gun, plus a blue latex glove consistent with what the teenage witness had reported seeing, as well as cash in his pocket.

Gleason initially claimed someone else threatened him with death if he did not rob the gas station, police said.

In February, Gleason pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery, a class-3 felony, and criminal extortion, a class-4 felony.

He faced up to 10 years in prison; both victims and prosecutors asked for the maximum sentence, District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller said in a news release announcing the sentence.

District Judge Mary Deganhart sentenced Gleason to eight years in prison, less 238 days of credit for pre-sentence confinement.

“The District Attorney expresses profound thanks to the victims for their courage and willingness to tell their story to the court,” Hotsenpiller said.

“We appreciate their willingness to participate in the justice process and to appear in open court to share how this crime and the actions of the defendant affected them and their families.”

Hotsenpiller also thanked the Montrose Police Department and agency staff members who responded to the scene, investigated, and assisted the victims.

“Our partners in law enforcement enter crime scenes on a daily basis without knowing the potential for violence and the nature of the offender. They all did a great job in this case,” Hotsenpiller said in the news release.

He also acknowledged the work of Deputy DA Ian Fowler; Aimee English, victim services supervisor, and Dawn Schlauger, legal services assistant, whose work “contributed to the outcome of this case.”