A woman once accused of attempted murder was on Wednesday sentenced to seven years of probation, with a 10-year prison term, which will not be imposed if she completes a residential substance abuse program.

Miley Beyer, who last year led law enforcement on a chase and in a separate incident, was accused of drawing and firing a gun at a Good Samaritan, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault with a deadly weapon; two counts of felony menacing, vehicular eluding and aggravated motor vehicle theft.

The remaining of 28 charges originally filed were dismissed, including one case in its entirety, per court records.

Beyer appeared in court Wednesday for a motions hearing, but tendered a plea and was immediately sentenced.

The plea deal is the second Beyer accepted. She had pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges similar to those to which she admitted guilt Wednesday.

This earlier deal called for probation to a rehab program after six months in prison, but a judge found there needed to be proof of extraordinary circumstances to allow for that kind of sentence, and Beyer withdrew her plea.

The District Attorney’s Office consulted with the victims in brokering the new plea deal and they supported it, DA Dan Hotsenpiller said.

“I am personally grateful for their input and involvement,” he said, also thanking the original prosecutor, Kurt Beckenhauer, who was recently appointed as a county judge, and Deputy DA Jason Wilson, who took the case over.

Upon her arrest in May, 2017, authorities alleged Beyer was responsible for a crime spree that included driving a stolen car and twice fleeing officers, who suspended their chases for safety reasons. She was also accused of multiple acts of trespass and identify theft; charges related to those allegations were dismissed.

On May 8, 2017, she allegedly tried to access a vehicle and fled when its owner and a neighbor gave chase.

The police reported that Beyer and the neighbor subsequently got into a scuffle near North Sixth and Ute Avenue and that Beyer drew a pistol, which she pointed at the man’s head before pulling the trigger.

The gun did not fire, which later caused the car owner to remark in court that “the grace of God” had spared her and her neighbor.

Beyer’s defense attorney said in previous court hearings her crimes were driven by drug addiction.

The DA said that, with other circumstances, factored into the new plea deal.

“In light of Ms. Beyer’s absence of criminal history prior to the significant, dangerous and scary events that gave rise to these cases; that Ms. Beyer was under the influence of drugs when she committed these offenses; the fact that Ms. Beyer has been in jail while these cases have been pending, and her agreement to undertake a very tough, long-term residential treatment program, the People and the victims believed that giving her the chance to demonstrate by sustained conduct that she can live a sober and crime-free life was the right thing to do,” Hotsenpiller said.

“The 10-year prison sentence is a huge motivator for Ms. Beyer and we sincerely wish her success.”

Beyer, who had been jailed for more than a year on a $1 million bond, was released onto probation later Wednesday.

Katharhynn Heidelberg is an award-winning journalist and the senior writer for the Montrose Daily Press. Follow her on Twitter @kathMDP.

Montrose Daily Press | October 25, 2018
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