On 12/29/2017, a Montrose County Jury returned a verdict of guilty for 3 charges against April Fox for a criminal incident occurring on 2/10/2017. This was the 16th criminal trial conducted in Montrose County Court in 2017. The Honorable Susanne Ross entered convictions on the following charges against April Fox: Count 1 — Driving Under the Influence, a misdemeanor; Count 2 — Driving Under the Influence per se, a misdemeanor; and Count 3 — Careless Driving, a class 2 traffic offense. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for 2/22/2018 at 9:00 a.m. Ms. Fox has been ordered to obtain an alcohol evaluation through the Montrose Probation Department prior to sentencing.

Deputy DA Robert Davis presented evidence to the jury through the testimony of Montrose County Deputy Saul Amaya, Colorado State Patrol Trooper Dave Copeland, and Montrose County Sheriff Sergeant Keith Sanders. The evidence showed April Fox was driving northbound on Highway 50 at Jay Jay Road when the vehicle she was driving was observed weaving and causing another vehicle to swerve out of her way. Ms. Fox submitted to a breath test as required by Colorado law which showed a result of .146, which is over the legal limit of .08 for DUI. Ms. Fox has prior alcohol-related driving offense convictions in the State of Colorado, and will be subject to possible felony charging if she is drives a motor vehicle while impaired or under the influence in the future.

The DA’s Office wishes to extend their gratitude to the citizens who served on the jury and to highlight their willingness to perform their civic duty even when it required their participation into the evening hours on a Friday before the New Year’s Holiday weekend. We also want to acknowledge and thank our law enforcement partners, especially the Colorado State Patrol and the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office in this case. The DA’s Office is unable to adequately recognize their service and dedication to our communities and citizens.

People v. April Fox (Montrose County District Court — Case #17CR39)
Sherry McKenzie, Public Information Officer