The mission of the Office of the District Attorney, 7th judicial District, is making just decisions through courage, communication, understanding, and humility.

The District Attorney Serves the 7th Judicial District.

The Seventh Judicial District is comprised of six (6) counties: Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray, and San Miguel. The geographical area of these six Colorado Western Slope Counties is in excess of 9500 square miles. The many communities in the Seventh Judicial District vary in character from rural to frontier, resort to remote, agricultural to mining, retirement to university.

The District Attorney’s Office serves these counties and their many communities in four (4) separate offices located in the towns of Delta, Gunnison, Montrose, and Telluride. Each county has a Courthouse located in the county seat, and Montrose County also has an Associate County Court that hears cases in the town of Nucla in the West End of the County.

The District Attorney appears in all six counties and the Associate Court in Nucla.

The District Attorney’s Job is to Prosecute State Law Violations.

The District Attorney prosecutes persons who have violated State law as defined by the Colorado Legislature. The District Attorney has no authority to enforce federal law or municipal law. The District Attorney appears on behalf of The People of the State of Colorado in criminal cases brought against individual Defendants when there is probable cause to believe they have committed a criminal act.

The District Attorney prosecutes over 5000 cases per year, ranging from traffic violations and DUIs to misdemeanors and domestic violence cases, through felony drug and serious violent crime cases. For detailed and county-by-county data regarding cases prosecuted by the District Attorney, go to and view the latest Annual Statistical Report.

The District Attorney is An Independent Office.

The District Attorney is an independent Office created by the Colorado Constitution. The District Attorney and the employees of the District Attorney are not State employees and are not County employees.

The District Attorney is An Elected Position.

The District Attorney is elected every four (4) years and is term-limited to two terms for eight (8) years. Voters in all six counties of the Seventh Judicial District may vote for the District Attorney.

The District Attorney is Funded By the Counties.

The Office of the District Attorney is funded by the six counties of the Seventh Judicial District and is not funded by the State of Colorado. The District Attorney receives over 80% of its funding from the counties. Additional funding comes from grants and from administrative funds associated with the District Attorney’s statutory obligation to administer the Crime Victim’s Compensation (CVC) fund and the Victims and Law Enforcement (VALE) fund.

Funding is allocated between the counties based on population and adjusted every year.

The District Attorney’s Annual Budget is Over Two Million Dollars.

The total annual budget for the District Attorney’s Office is just over $2.3 million dollars. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the funding pays for personnel expenses. Operating expenses are primarily expended for administrative, transportation, and information technology (IT) needs.

The District Attorney Has 14 Attorneys and 20 Staff Positions.

The District Attorney’s Office is funded for fourteen (14) attorney positions in addition to the elected District Attorney. The Office has one Assistant District Attorney and thirteen (13) Deputy District Attorneys.

The District Attorney employs two certified Peace Officers investigators in the State of Colorado.

The staff of the District Attorney is comprised of Legal Services Staff and Victim Services Staff. The Office has one part-time Administrative Services Staff member.