December 20, 2016 — Defendant Aaron Weedman was sentenced to serve four (4) years in the Department of Corrections. Mr. Weedman stands convicted of Vehicular Assault – Under the Influence, a class 4 felony, and Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, also a class 4 felony.

On May 7, 2016, Mr. Weedman drove a stolen Hot Water Productions truck into the residence of the Piatt family as they were sleeping, almost hitting their two young daughters and causing serious bodily injury to Blake Piatt. Mr. Weedman admitted to being under the influence of alcohol.

Mr. Weedman’s plea agreement involved pleas of guilty to the above two felony crimes, the most serious charged in the criminal complaint. The plea agreement further provided for open sentencing with a possible prison sentence of up to six (6) years, which is the maximum in the presumptive range for these two class 4 felonies. Mr. Weedman has been previously convicted of two felonies, Felony Menacing and Burglary.

Mr. Weedman’s actions caused extensive property damage to two local businesses, and caused significant injury and trauma to the Piatt family. The Montrose Police Department and other First Responders did a great job dealing with the damage and personal injury caused by the Defendant’s conduct at several crime scenes and the follow-up thorough investigation. The District Attorney’s Office stands ready to continue the job of holding DUI offenders accountable and seeking appropriate sentences in all cases.

People v. Aaron Weedman, Montrose County District Court, Case No. 2016 CR 144
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